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Skygd develops and markets a mobile security service designed for individuals who are worried about the risk of being subjected to unprovoked violence or an accident at work. The system is based on a multi-year partnership with leading UK security companies and meets the requirements according to the very strict standard BS8484.

Through our patented solution, we offer leading and valuable position-based security services in the mobile phone. Today we are known as the most innovative company in mobile security. Read more

From the corporate perspective, the Olympic Games provide the most extraordinary opportunity for hospitality in the world today. No other event can match the prestige, or generate such global interest. Quite simply, the Olympic Games have become the world's premier sporting event.

In this truly global context, one company is recognized above all others for the quality, character, and scope of its corporate hospitality management services. That company is Jet Set Sports, the Official Hospitality Supplier of Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games. Read more

PeakSearch recruits managers and specialists for key positions in companies and organizations across the Nordics.

Our ValueRecruitment model is designed to generate lasting business value for our clients by recruiting the right skills. 

All PeakSearch services are designed to provide the best and most-relevant decision for each position.

PeakSearch consultants are highly trained experts in recruitment and personal assessment. Our work is based on deep industry knowledge, close cooperation and unsurpassed commitment to our clients, candidates and our clients’ customers. Read more

Scanprop Development is a Stockholm-based private equity firm specializing in dynamic real estate development, primarily of commercial real estate.

We initiate, develop and manage real estate investments based on unique insight into background factors. We  purchase objects with development capabilities in a selective manner and hold them in the short to medium term.

We have a wide network among property owners in our niche markets and extensive knowledge and experience, particularly in the conversion to residential and retail properties, which makes us a major player in these markets. Read more

Säflund Designers is a design and communications agency. We help our clients with the idea and concept development, and production of both traditional and interactive media. Our clients include advertising agencies, PR firms, insurance companies, government agencies, newspapers, and mobile businesses.

In our freelance network, there are technicians, copywriters, journalists, photographers and other designers that we like to work with. Our professional background is in advertising, newspaper and information industry and has extensive experience in communications and design work. Read more

Loppi är det självklara hang-outet för coola barnfamiljer. Här hittar du inspiration för hela familjen, shoppingtips, unika erbjudanden, topplistor och bloggar. 

Loppi arrangerar dessutom varje år flera uppskattade event där du som bloggare eller konsument kan mingla, få inspiration och lära känna nya varumärken. Och så delar vi förstås ut vår omtycktaLOPPIpåse – Sveriges bästa goodiebag med fantastiska erbjudanden och härliga produktprover.

Och missa för all del inte Loppishopping 
– sajten där du som medlem samlar poäng på alla dina onlineköp. Poängen växlar du sedan in mot presentkort. 
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Being diagnosed with cancer is a major trauma in the same class as being in a war zone. Because of this it is no wonder that one needs help to get back on track and get healthy again. Swedish healthcare is good in many ways but lacks almost altogether the aftercare - and that is where we get into the picure.

The CancerRehabFund is a nonprofit organization that offers rehabilitation for people diagnosed with cancer. We are the only organization in Sweden that focuses on cancerrehabilitation and can contribute with aftercare for cancerpatients. We help people getting back to life! It is not enough to survive, one has to live as well.
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Pegroco Invest is a privately owned investment company that focuses on developing small and midsize companies, primarily in the Nordic region. At present, we have a total of 10 investments across a range of diverse industries.

Pegroco Invest combines its investment activities with professional services related to capital procurement, as well as consultancy services for business development. Often, we combine our investment and service-oriented operations by both organizing and actively participating in the investment process. Read more

Appload is used by developers ranging from large organizations to small and medium enterprises to develop and maintain apps. It gives a world-unique opportunity to secure service, support and updates to apps regardless of who developed them.

The use of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript development becomes more flexible and Apploads different templates also makes it possible for developers to quickly bring up a good looking and functioning app without a lot of hassle. Read more

CMH Nordic is the Nordic agent for CMH Heli-Skiing in Canada, the world's largest operator of helicopter-skiing trips.

Heli-Skiing is a concept that most skiers are familiar with. Many people dream of doing this and many try it out. However, there are some recurring questions of first-time skiers, how good do I have to be and what about the avalanche risk?

Any skier that care-free can ski in a managed ski system is capable of this.

Safety is the top priority in our program. and with highly trained and very experienced mountain guides all ski guests feel relaxed and safe.
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Italia Travel arranges tailor made travels throughout Italy for individuals, private groups, and businesses.

Our goal is to offer our customers the best in Italy and we constantly travel the world to find new and exciting places, hotels, castles and farms.

We try restaurants, look up vineyards and create opportunities for memorable experiences throughout Italy. Everything is chosen with care by us working at Italia Travel and we are available both in Sweden and Italy. Read more

The Roll empowers people and organizations to realize their full potential through coaching, training and motivational speaking.

We create memorable transformation experiences using The Roll Method, which among other things includes 8-Step Modules.

We design each module to help people master a subject and develop competence. Based on your individual needs we create a program combining Mastery Modules from different areas for maximum results.
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Flexenclosure is an engineering company based in Sweden. We specialise in intelligent telecom site solutions, helping operators all over the world expand and modernise their networks.

Our products are factory built and modular. This way, we can guarantee premium reliability and great flexibility.

We believe firmly in renewable energy – but not only for the sake of the environment. Our products prove that switching to green energy is an incredibly efficient way to cut operating costs.
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